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Pump is an on-raod car care services through mobile app.

Designed in — 20 Nov 2016

Planning with MVP in mind

Pace iterations to come up with an MVP

The market is changing, and there were successful competitors, and users are familiar with them. To introduce the same services with an innovative experience, we need to validate first that it will work, and we mean it will work, not only proving with usability testings or heuristic evaluation. So we divided the project into milestones each has to be treated like an MVP.

Defining the right path

Research, Ideate, Sketch

After running a quiet large desk-research, and evaluation for the competitors in-depth from a different perspective. We come up with a bunch of promising concepts. We validate and choose the perfect and complete one by evaluating it from different digital business and experience dimensions.

Action-driven interface

Emphasizing the primary interaction and then, everything.

Users will use the app usually while they are facing troubles, and most of the time, they will be angry enough. We don't want to bother them by giving a multi-multi steps interactions ordering experience or even long registration forms! So we used the mobile and verification code for registration. and we kept the ordering experience very simple and automated. When you open the app, automatically it will detect your location and starts to find the available services. After that, it will open automatically for you the ordering options. The next step will be adding your care palet number to fetch all the required information automatically.

What if?

A bad experience, how to fix it?

Since the app owner is not the services provider, he can not control everything. And bad things will happen for sure. But if it is the case? How to make the user feel better about the brand, and how to let him know that we are sorry, and we are by his side? The rating experience and in-services support was a critical screen that could help us reach the goal. The user was able to communicate with us directly, in a few steps if anything happens. And also through the rating experience and personalizing the after-rating message, we reached a much better satisfaction level.

  • Summary

    Pump is a car care services mobile app. where you can order car services from and it will come to you anywhere in Saudi Arabia.
    Delivered the UX Research, Prototyping, Stakeholders management, and UX Validation.

  • Functions

    Order Service, View service providers offer, Waiting Time, Payment, Rating and more.

  • Copyrights

    This app was created at Imkan.com.sa

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