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I AM Mohamed Yahia, a Lead Product Designer

& Digital Business & Transformation Expert!


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Weekend is a lifestyle app which allows you to arrange your vacations

BL Designer

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BlueScreen is a Cross-Platform Application. which gives you the ability to Manage, Create, Design, Animate, Schadchual, Publish Digital Signage Screens all over the worldwide!


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Dafoor is an online bookstore, connecting publishing houses and authors with customers directly.


Restaurant App Discover

Food Pickup & Delivery mobile app for Shawarmer Restaurant. One of the most successful Shawarma restaurant in Middle East.


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Pump is an on-raod car care services through mobile app.

Proudly Built many Rockstar Products.

I Play The Product Designer role,
besides Digital Business, Innovation Consultant as well.

A Highly skilled Designer with around 12 years of experience in UX, Product Design and HCI related positions, wearing a variety of different hats such as team-leader, Product designer, Researchers, Frontend Developer and many more. with a deep understanding of Digital business and entrepreneur mindset. Education Education More about me Let's Talk

Design Thoughts.

Documenting & shareing My ideas and thought with the design community through medium.

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The 4I's Of Design.

One place to find everything about design process, methods, approaches, principles and many more.

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