Payers is an online banking system where you can pay any type of invoices all-around the world.

Designed in — 1 Dec 2017

Effecient Design Plan

Perfection & Fast, Fast, Fast, Fast ...

The Design Plan and Approach here was highly efficient and effective. we were trying to save every single moment of our team time without affecting the quality. that drives us to use a design-sprint-like approach. where we were building the design based on a specific piece of information (which could be easy during gathering collected, or over desk-research), and then testing the prototype with real users.

Re-inventing online banking experiences

Online Platform, where you can manage your financial situation.

With Payers, you have your wallet which could be filled with any payment method (literally any payment method), then you can transfer money, or pay invoices with any way you want such as bank transfer, online payment or money transfer through Moneygram, Westernunion and many many more.


Sketches are the most efficient way to validate concepts as early as possible.

We believe that Time matter for everyone. Validating concepts, especially major ones as fast as possible should benefit all of us. So we used to first build the concepts on paper, communicate it within a quick meeting with the owners and the different project stakeholders. And then validate a lo-fidelity with an end-user!

Unified Interactions Flow

Do anything, Same way!

Since we have too many different interactions, which will need lots of learnings and cognitive load from the user side. we tried to minify the number of unique user-flows any interactions ways! The magic works! and we were able to unify the process experience for any kind of interactions which helped us rising up the learnability curve. with Payers, we used the same flow and progress structure for all the different interactions such as adding new beneficiary, send money through bank transfer, or even over Westernunion.

Atomic Design System

Scalability is just a matter of time!

The future of the product means a lot for both designers and business owners. Here we did a great job during the high-fidelity stage. We build the entire interface with atoms. That was a progressive design system which at a particular moment was able to produce all the newest, challenging concepts in a few minutes.

Design Time!

System Screen-shots

Here, you can find some actual screen-shot taken from the final proposed solution.

  • Summary

    Payers is an online payment service. where you can recharge your account with any payment method and payout, transfer, pay with any other methods or invoices - Payers support more than 30+ payment getaway!
    Also, Payers offers payment gateway system for sellers and branches so they can register and offer to their customers such easy, flexible payment experience.
    Delivered the UX Research, Prototyping, Stakeholders management, and UX Validation.

  • Functions

    Pay Invoices, Transfer Money, Payout, Security setup, Statices, Notifications and so on.

  • Copyrights

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