life has a unique meaning ..

Few seconds , will tell you The Story behind The Studio.

GreatThingsTake time,NeverGive up!

What if?

I'm waiting for an opportunity to change the world! Okay, but what if the future opportunity never comes?
Such simple question inspired me to define what I need, I aim to put my ideas out there in front of the world, even if I can't implement it, at least It could be shared.

30 Min,

The last 30 min of your life, do something to leave an impact in other people's life positively. that was an activity within our weekly team meeting at HUED, and at that moment I decide to start a new social strategy. "every day will be a real chance to make human life easier and better through putting my ideas out there. and it's a good opportunity to learn something new".

God does not look at your formsAnd possessions but he looks at yourHearts and your deeds. — The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Mohamed Yahia Studio a Product Designer based in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. Who Craft adorable Interfaces & Experiences. Mohamed Yahia Studio Logo Mohamed Yahia Studio Logo hi[at]moha[dot]studio


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