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Restaurant App Discover

Food Pickup & Delivery mobile app for Shawarmer Restaurant. One of the most successful Shawarma restaurant in Middle East.


Insurance Website Discover

bCare is one of the most successful brokers in gulf and MENA in general. and that was their digital portal.


App & Web Discover

Weekend is a lifestyle app which allows you to arrange your vacations


mobile app Discover

Pump is an on-raod car care services through mobile app.


website Discover

Payers is an online banking system where you can pay any type of invoices all-around the world.

BL Designer

app Discover

BlueScreen is a Cross-Platform Application. which gives you the ability to Manage, Create, Design, Animate, Schadchual, Publish Digital Signage Screens all over the worldwide!


Website Discover

Dafoor is an online bookstore, connecting publishing houses and authors with customers directly.

Proudly Built many Rockstar Products.

45+ Projects!

There is more, here you will find some of my work which I don't have enough time to showcase it.

Forsa Opportunities Portal

Business Opportunities Portal, a part of The Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority of Saudi Arabia.

Monshaat 360 Evaluation System

Corporation Online Evaluation system published by Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority of Saudi Arabia.

Monshaat ePortal

Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority of Saudi Arabia.

12Cups website

12Cups is a Popular Coffee brand based in Riyadh.

Business Front website

Business Front - it a new offices in Riydah dedicated for business. the site gives you information about what they offer and why you should get a place with them.

ACEL app

digital signage [touch screen] project

Yalla Pay website

Order & ship from anywhere, straight to your Home.

IIA website

The Saudi Institute of Internal Auditors is Professionals Institute

Logistics Park website

The Logistics Park website. where you can learn more about this company and what they offer, also you can contact them.

Lohat website

Lohat is a website which offers artistic portrait, where you can upload your image and request a custom artistic portrait, you choose from many options. then you can through the order process.

Kaden site

Kaden Logistics website.

Wathiq app

desktop app to read, save Saudi National id information.

Mbt3th network

education network that serve arab people who study abroad.

Ereeva app

ereeva market is a hyperd mobile app.

GEF 2015 website

the global enterperneurshio forum official site.

Imkan website

Imkan company official website.

Mehan app

mehan is a jobs app similar to linked in.

Wateen app

WATEEN - Blood donation app. you can use the app to register and arrange your blood donation dates. viewing the closest donation locations, and read more about donation benefits. and publish a new donation campaign with other users.

Followup app

Follow up is a school app. which teachers can use to update, add comments, or view their calendar. also, parents can use to know the rate of their children. and it's the website layout.

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