Restaurant App

Food Pickup & Delivery mobile app for Shawarmer Restaurant. One of the most successful Shawarma restaurant in Middle East.

Designed in — Mar – Sep 2017

The 4I's!

Mixing between lean UX and a deeper research strategy!

The plan was to build the app as fast as possible and iterate. We found that there are too many sources of information, and the resources were insightful. So we created a data-analyzing and filed research track that run alongside the normal Lean process during the first three iterations. The effect was like magic!

Many, Many, Many,

Many, Competitors

When it comes to the food industry, there are too many competitors. And there will be more in the future. The customer goal was to add such valuable and unique digital business asset to his palet. his goal was to start a public service transformation that should affect the overall brand awareness, performance, and value positively.

Time-Geo-Orders-View Sorting

Complex Logic, Easy to use

While thinking about the food menu, and how we are going to arrange the menu items, which meal should appear first, for who, when, and where! We decided to go for a sophisticated but promising solution. Based on the time you open the app, and your location, age, and gender, the app will change the order of the items on the screens. Not only that but based on your previous orders, the app will update the order it shows to you and also will push your behavior to the system as a valuable digital asset.

Efficiency that increase the number of sales.

2 Min. to place your order.

With the ultimate goal of reaching 3Min (max) to place a new order, we were working so hard to cut unnecessary steps and make the app much smarter. That was not the only case. We were trying to solve many other issues while considering multiple dimensions and factors, such as the user profile and gamification model, collecting the orders for gatherings, order tracking, payment, and more.

Gamifying Ordering experience

Intuitive interface trigger a certain action

There are too many options when it comes to food, especially Shawarma. People can remove, add, replace any many more. Our goal was to give an Intuitive experience with a minimum amount of clicks. But not this only, we were aiming to raise the overall sales of "side souces" as well.

Design System

The atomic system that ensures scalability.

I am building the core atoms that will be used through all the future designs and all across the different digital channels, unifying the design strategy, layout layer, and interaction.

  • Summary

    Leading the First Design Iteration [before brand revamping] from A to Z with Shahad Al Sehli (researcher at that time). Handling the conceptual presentations and approvals from the client side, prototyping, sketching, and ionic theming.

  • Functions

    Order food, Pickup, Customization, Loyalty program, Registration and login, Push notifications, etc.

  • Copyrights

    Imkan Solutions.

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