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Personally, I use it almost in all projects, but I’m trying in some cases to provide users much of alternative methods.
Also, I believe that the best way to communicate with users is icons. With straight meanings, extracted from our daily life or/and childhood.

Before we go, i wish if you do a quick search about Fitts’s law, Perceptual fusionRecognition and recall.

Let’s back, Hamburger menu.

When a UX trend comes out. many of designers will be happy to use, but. When this UX fits the imagination of a UI Designer, it will be really crazy – that’s why it’s so popular, till it loses its UX Meaning, I think.

Review it, Physical, Linguistic, Navigational


In all most all desktop cases, it will be the worst! But it will fit the mobile.
The Idea of bringing Mobile Experience, to our computers, is not totally bad, but it may fall – and that’s what happens here.
In comparing between it and any traditional way, it will lose – not because its weakness, but because we may be ignored some of the usability basics.
It can be developed by offering other solution when it’s about beauty beside it, for example, we can use typography on the edges of the page to navigate between suggested pages – That also could give us the freedom of controlling/taking the user in a specific flow.


It’s visualized only in most of the cases. And to be honest, it’s well-known icon for most of the users.


Here it’s tricky some-how, navigation itself is a task, so when we compare we can easily find that one click is much better than 2 clicks and 2 mouse movings.From another point of view, it can mean also a new page with many components that did not appear before Which user is in-need to learn about it, to just navigate from a page to another – since what appears for users does not have it’s fixed arrangement yet. even if it has a high learning curve.

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