Mohamed Yahia,

Product Designer

Who Enjoy Crafting Awesome Interfaces & Experiences.


Since 2007, It's been a long time in my career. Discovered many things about web design, mobile apps, and product design, experienced lots of methodologies, techniques, concepts, and approaches. Which encouraged publishing The 4I's Lab, I was lucky to build rockstars products and working with many outstanding teams all over the middle east, Riyadh, and Cairo especially.

used to work with hued, imkan, pixvar studio, wireless marketer, sarmady a vodafone company used to work with hued, imkan, pixvar studio, wireless marketer, sarmady a vodafone company

True Design, True Revenue

I believe that good design is everything. It's not about creating a functional layout only, but also a revenue builder. Whatever the meaning of revenue word for each case. The design's impact on digital business could be measured by unlimited matrix and criteria upon every single case!

1 Million Thanks & More ..

I had learned the hard way by practicing this field. I used to work with great teams throughout my career.
Here I wanna say thanks for Mohamed Alaa, AbdelHafez Al Nomany, Mostafa Omar, Mohamed Khalil, Turki Al Omari, Youssef Al Oumi. & Recently Hatem Amin, Prashant Dixit, moreover, all HUED's Fabulous Teammates.
Again, Thanks.

Allah loves to seeOne's job done at the level of itqan. — The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Mohamed Yahia Studio a Product Designer based in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. Who Craft adorable Interfaces & Experiences. Mohamed Yahia Studio Logo Mohamed Yahia Studio Logo hi[at]moha[dot]studio


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