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Front-End should looks the same as Visual Design and it should be clean for SEO and next updates. RWD and AWD is not plus anymore.

Don’t Patch Bad Code -Rewrite It. — P.J. Plauger


Deep-thinking step. to answer one question, How it could be implemented a lazy way? through define the shared elements, the framework we gonna use if there is a need. Dig in deep with the Design System.

M+ & More!

Through the previous period, Me & my friend Mohamed Ibrahim. we take the risk to build a unique framework that helps us build mega projects in a very short time. this totally works with any design system - from white spaces, base-line to the most complex elements theming. at some point we gonna share it online.

Allah loves to seeone's job done at the level of itqan. — The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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