build a code that lives for years

Front-End should looks the same as Visual Design and it should be clean for SEO and next updates. RWD and AWD is not plus anymore.

What I Do


Deepthinking step. to answer one question, How it can be deliverd the right way? here i define the shared elements, the framework which i'm gonna use if there is a need for that. and the GUI Guidliens for the entire project.

build BASE

The First Stone is always important. building a project that can be updated in any time should have a good Base. this step I just start define the base, libraries, GUI variables, etc.. after that, I'm ready to dive in the next step.

DEVELOP begins

Being ready to dive in every single element details is awesome. but details is not enough! i care also about the SEO and the clearness of my code. to deliver a high quality Code.

let's test

Key to success always is testing. testing the entire project SEO, Performance and reviewing the code notes and size. testing the RWD in many devices and reviewing the entire project from a UX side.

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