Value Opportunity Analysis (VOA) is an approach to identifying the aspirational attributes in a product or service, listing a set of value opportunities to help design teams focus on the key items to connect the target audience.

  • Mapping the extent to which a product or service’s aspirational qualities connect to an audience
  • A (VOA) provides an opportunity for a team to work together from a place of deep empathy, grounded firmly in research for what the user values and desires.
  • There are seven value opportunities:
    1. Emotion: adventure, independence, confidence, and power
    2. Aesthetics: visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and taste
    3. Identity: point in time, sense of place, and personality
    4. Impact: social and environmental
    5. Ergonomics: comfort, safety, and ease of use
    6. Core Technology: reliable and enabling
    7. Quality: craftsmanship and durability
  • The VOA can be used to help the team consider competitive review, market analysis, and multiple personas.

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