User Journey Maps try to capture the experience of a user during the interaction with the products. They are a visual trip of the user across the solution. Journey Maps are some kind of a journal, where user notes their feelings, pain points and the moments of delight.

  • A visualization of human interactions with a multi-channel product or service
  • The journey map tells a visual story about an individual’s actions, feelings, perceptions, and mindset as they interact with a product or service.
  • It should be an honest representation of an experience, including moments of indecision, confusion, frustration, delight, and closure.
  • The journey map allows each moment of an interactive experience to be evaluated and improved by design.
  • Multiple maps are usually created alongside personas and scenarios, each heavily informed by direct contact with customers who use the product or service.
  • The journey map can shift an organization’s focus from an operational, system-centered view to the larger, real-world context in which products and services are used.
  • The map should be a living document, with reviews by the design team offering questions, ideas, and suggested improvements.

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