Generative research is a more focused effort targeted at a deeper understanding of user needs and desires, and concept development through participatory design activities. Evaluative research combines more established methods to test emerging design concepts against user expectations.

  • Engaging users in creative activities to provide rich information for concept development
  • Participatory methods include codesign activities as a collaborative process between user and designer.
  • Methods may include creative tool kits, design workshops, card sorting, collages, cognitive mapping, diagramming, drawing, and flexible modeling.
  • The creation of an artifact around which a participant may talk will act as a trigger for engaged conversation.
  • Early phase expressive exercises such as collage enable participants to articulate feelings and desires.
  • Later phase exercises consist of constructive methods such as flexible modeling, manipulating design elements oriented toward concept generation.
  • Participatory exercises are combined with verbal discussions of work in progress and presentations of creative artifacts emerging from research sessions.
  • Focus is on the generation of design concepts and early prototype iterations, ultimately preparing for evaluation, refinement, and production.

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