The Elito method was the first analysis method we used, and it is basically based on brute force thinking.

The nature of this method is definitely data analysis since you use it to analyze data. The context that you will use this method is if you have a lot of data you need to be analyzed, you could use this to get that done.

  • A method used to ground design arguments in research observations and business directives
  • This is a rigorous synthesis method designed to help teams bridge the “analysis-synthesis” gap between research and design ideas in a business context.
  • Elito brings the multidisciplinary team together after primary and/or secondary research has been conducted.
  • Using a spreadsheet and a projector, the team captures its work and thinking in five “Elito entities,” which together create “logic line” design arguments:
    • Observation: “What did you see, read, or hear?”
    • Judgment: “What is your opinion about that observation?”
    • Value: “What values are ultimately at work?”
    • Concept/Sketch: “What can the design team do to solve this problem?”
    • Key Metaphor: “What is the hook or tagline?”
  • The spreadsheet captures the team’s random, nonlinear thinking to connect arguments, further refine ideas, and organize arguments into observation-based themes.


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