Diary studies are a form of longitudinal research(research that takes place over a long period of time with the same participants). Typically, users self-report their activities at regular intervals to create a log of their activities, thoughts, and frustrations.

  • Guiding journals for convenient expression of personal details about daily life and events
  • They are ideal for collecting thoughts, feelings, or behaviors from participants at key moments across time.
  • They are designed for portability and ease of use, with an overview of the topic instructions and a sample entry.
  • Participants may be requested to document each time they engage in a particular behavior, encounter a product or situation, or have specific interactions.
  • Creative page formats can be used to invite text entries, sketches, drawings, photographs, or stickers and multiple-choice responses.
  • In rare cases, diaries may be used for usability studies or evaluation, as a means of collecting feedback from users testing products in context over time.
  • Using digital diaries, participants record entries on mobile devices or via email or web-based uploads.

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