Capturing the day-to-day context in which people engage with your product or service

  • This captures what customers do, think, and use as they set out to achieve a goal that involves your product or service.
  • It provides a framework that design teams can use to isolate specific moments of delight, apathy, or frustration before, during, and after an experience.
  • Individual moments can be transformed into sources of design team inspiration, from which opportunities for innovation can be identified.
  • Qualitative data from interviews and directed storytelling reflects people’s social, environmental, and financial realities, underlying beliefs, values, and desires.
  • Experience audits can help researchers isolate the areas where they may need to conduct more research as well as any gaps in the service or product offering.
  • To keep up with changing social, economic, and technical factors, the audit should be repeated to assess experience with your product over time.

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