A content inventory is a collection of data about your content. Unlike the content audit, which is qualitative, the inventory is quantitative. It’s a comprehensive list – typically a spreadsheet – of all content assets, ideally across all content types, channels, and distribution formats.

  • Everything a customer can read, watch, interact with, or listen to can be considered content.
  • A content inventory tells you what your content is; an audit recommends what it should be
  • Perform an inventory and audit:
    • When beginning a website redesign
    • When merging multiple sites or splitting up into smaller, niche sites
    • When preparing content for multichannel distribution or a Content Management System (CMS)
  • A content inventory organizes assets into a spreadsheet of content items and attributes.
  • A quantitative content audit assesses the attributes of “Governance,” including ownership, copyright, and creative details.
  • The qualitative content audit rates “Content Quality” criteria such as credibility, originality, accuracy, and relevance to identify unifying themes and patterns across content sources.

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